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About: LOQI

LOQI makes super-reusable, extra-loveable backpacks, shopping bags, zip pockets and luggage covers. Their products are also just like you and me: great looking, smart and dependable. Made from water-resistant polyester, the bags can carry up to 20kg - so much more than you would expect from a bag that weighs not much more than a feather!

The LOQI Artist Collection features designers from around the world, to bring you a wide range of the most original designs possible for their products.

The LOQI Museum Collection brings together works of art from museums such as the MoMA, Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery and TATE. Featuring works by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Richter, Hokusai and Malevich—among others, it is a very carefully curated collection. Love art? Love LOQI.

LOQI's ethics in sustainability not only exist in their products, but also within their entire line of production. The factory is located in China, which employs 150 people and owns 30% shares in the LOQI brand, making sure that the production meets high ethical standards. The factory has also received accreditation from the third-party BSCI, a leading supply chain management system controlling all workers benefits from fair health to fair pay, safety, work hours and legal rights, so you can rest assured that your shopping bag is coming from a good place.

Not to mention all products are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they are produced with sustainable materials that contain no harmful substances and are skin-friendly and food-safe! LOQI also takes care in using waterless printing for their designs with no ink wastage (mixing all leftover coloured dyes to create black dye for monochromatic designs) and use shipping cartons again and again when transporting goods from warehouse to customer.

With all of these factors combined into their beautiful products, there really isn't a reason not to love LOQI.

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UNTIL are proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of LOQI products for Australia and New Zealand.